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Part One: Forgiveness Is The Power to Choose

“When you forgive you win.”

“Forgiveness is the power to choose how things affect you.”

“Forgiveness is choosing to be happy.”

“Forgiveness is simply freeing ourselves from wanting to punish.”

“We experience what we intend for others.”

“Fear is wisdom as a child.”

“Forgiveness is always possible, but reconciliation is not always possible.”

“Forgiveness gives us the freedom to stay and the freedom to walk away.”

Part Two: Blocks to Forgiveness

“To be able to forgive we must first meet the legitimate needs of the s of us that don’t want to forgive.”

“We need to be willing to accept our feelings around an event in order to fully gain the benefits, which are available from it.”

“Emphasizing that forgiving allows us to access the wisdom we can gain from an experience.”

“If we hold onto our wounds in an area of life then we hold back the growth of wisdom in that area too.”

“A more forgiving attitude makes it easier to develop wisdom…Likewise a deeper capacity for wisdom makes it easier to forgive.”

“Forgiveness is an act of willingness not an act of will.”

“Practising forgiveness on the small things makes it easier to forgive the big things.”

“When we are absolutely sure we are right, we can be absolutely sure we are wrong.”

“The truth is not a stick with which to beat yourself.”

“Cynicism is the ability to create a better world—stuck in reverse.”

“Cynicism is a bad tempered guard dog, which keeps biting its owner.”

“Cynicism is a sign of a split between our idealism and our practicality.”

“Much of what happens in life is emotion disguised as reason.”

“Part Three: Go Deeper: Reconcile with Yourself”

“We cannot forgive others while being at war with ourselves.”

“A garden emerges from tending the outer world; forgiveness emerges from tending our inner world.”

“Every wound offers us a gift.”

“What we think are issues we have with our nts are really issues we have with life.”

“Part Four: Advanced Forgiveness”

“Forgiveness is something we are rather than something we do.”

“Think of someone who antagonizes, annoys or upsets you and ask yourself, What positive character qualities does this person express that I lack?”

“Turn Tormentors into Mentors.”

“When we forgive we choose to be empowered, rather than being a victim.”

“Four Steps to Forgiveness”

“Self forgiveness is one of the most unselfish things you can do. Everyone around benefits as you become less demanding, more giving and more forgiving. – Four Steps to Forgiveness, William Fergus Martin”

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