Zimbabwe vs Pakistan, 1st Test – Live Cricket Score, Commentary

Pak vs Zim (Photo: PCB)

PAK 426

ZIM 176 & 134

Pakistan won by an innings and 116 runs

That is all we have from the first of two Tests between Zimbabwe and Pakistan. The next one is at the same venue on Friday (07 May) and expect regular skipper Sean Williams to be fit for that. Pakistan, though, have no reason to change their winning combination and will aim for a 2-0 cleansweep. Thankfully, the rains stayed away today and the weather looks promising for the next one. On that positive note, we bid goodbye and good night!! Please stay safe and take great care of yourself and everyone around you. Cheers!!

Babar Azam, Pakistan captain: The bowlers exploited moisture in the first session on Day 1 and bowled them out for a low score. Hasan was outstanding in the first innings and the openers started well, we just carried the momentum, and Fawad’s finishing was excellent. Our plan was to score big, but we lost back to back wickets today and couldn’t achieve it. The line and length was brilliant from our bowlers in this Test, especially Hasan Ali. We will have to see, have three days off, want to rest.

Brendan Taylor, Zimbabwe captain: Day 1’s batting let us down, we got bowled out in two sessions and we were always behind the eight-ball after that. We need to pull our socks very quickly and try to make some adjustments for the next Test. There is no secret if you build pressure, wickets will come. I just wanted to take care of the workload of the pacers and wanted to keep them fresh. We thought the scorecard wasn’t moving, so continued with the old ball. We were sloppy this game as a batting group but we will try to come back stronger.

Hasan Ali, Player of the Match: I have been doing very well in the nets, I am practicing batting as well. The instruction was simple today morning, go out there and score some quick runs on the board. The way Fawad played was excellent. I have played in the whole first-class season and I am used to bowling in slow pitches. We didn’t dominate the T20s, so put in a lot of effort here. It was a crucial catch (Brendan Taylor’s wicket), he was coming hard on us. Before the ball, I told Nauman to get him out and it just happened. I want to dedicate this award to my newborn daughter.

15:08 local: After Zimbabwe cleaned up Pakistan’s tail in the first hour today, one thing was pretty evident: The good ol’ tricks of new ball was on full display and one expected the visitors to come out all guns blazing with the pitch offering ample assistance for the pacers. Prince Masvaure injured his hand during the field and didn’t turn up for the second innings. Despite his absence at the top, the openers did a fine job to complile a 48-run stand but the fall of Kevin Kasuza opened up the floodgates and the fall of regular wickets since meant Zimbabwe were outbowled, outbatted and outfielded inside three days of the Test match. A special mention to Hasan Ali and Fawad Alam who played vital roles with ball and bat respectively. The stubborn resistance of Fawad and the menacing reverse swing from Hasan Ali proved too good for the hosts who struggled for rhythm with the bat despite getting the toss result in their favour. Presentations imminent, stay tuned…


Hasan Ali to Ngarava, out Bowled!! The middle stump is ripped out and Hasan Ali completes the fifer. Pakistan win by an innings and 116 runs. Very full and with reverse swing on offer, Ngarava had no chance of surviving the incoming delivery, looks to bring his bat down in time, but no luck. Career best figures for Hasan Ali as he leads his team off the field. Ngarava b Hasan Ali 5(12) [4s-1]

Hasan Ali to Ngarava, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!


Hasan Ali to Ngarava, FOUR, short and angled in towards off-stump, Ngarava pokes on the back foot and gets a thick edge that flies in the gap between slip cordon and gully, towards the third man fenc


Runs Scored: 1
0 0 0 1 0 0
Score after 46 overs
ZIM 130-8
Regis Chakabva
Richard Ngarava
Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan to Chakabva, no run, flat and just outside off, played back to Sajid Khan


Sajid Khan to Chakabva, no run, blocked from the crease


Sajid Khan to Ngarava, 1 run, looped up on leg-stump, Ngarava flicks it into the vacant spaces at square leg and responds for a quick single


Sajid Khan to Ngarava, no run, slower and wider of off, pushed back to the bowler


Sajid Khan to Ngarava, no run, quicker on the stumps, Ngarava gets an inside edge on the flick to square leg


Sajid Khan to Ngarava, no run, short and just outside off, punched out to mid-off

Runs Scored: 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
Score after 45 overs
ZIM 129-8
Regis Chakabva
Richard Ngarava
Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run, good length on off-stump, defended back to the bowler


Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run, very full outside off, Chakabva pushes it off the toe-end into the covers


Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run, full and just outside off, Chakabva pushes it with soft hands into the off-side


Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run, digs it short on the stumps, Chakabva gets across and ducks under it


Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run, too full on off-stump, jammed back to the bowler


Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run, full and just outside off, Chakabva shuffles across and drives it back to the bowler

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